An MCW Carpentry Renovation

  This is just one of the many fine  New Jersey homes renovated by <b>MCW Carpentry</b>.   Note the attention to detail.


This is just one of the many fine
New Jersey homes renovated by MCW Carpentry.

Note the attention to detail.

NJ Home Improvement Specialists

MCW Carpentry Excels

We’re pretty modest people at MCW Carpentry, but we must tell you that our work is far superior to that of most other NJ carpenters you may have dealt with. From careful determination of your needs down to the cleanup of sawdust and debris, we pay attention to details.

NJ Carpenters With a Personal Touch

While we service all of northern New Jersey, we’re not like those large NJ contractors who try to push you toward a cookie-cutter project like all those they’ve done before. We’ll help you design what you need, not what we find easy to build.

NJ Historic Preservation

New Jersey was “the crossroads of the Revolution” and is home to many beautiful historic homes, many in need of preservation and restoration. MCW Carpentry is among the premier NJ carpenters specializing in NJ historic preservation and we can provide impressive references on request.

NJ Contractors with a Broad Range of Services

Just because we’re carpenters at heart doesn’t mean we can’t help with projects that involve more than wood! We work with a select group of hand-picked, equally-skilled craftsmen in allied trades such as architecture, plumbing, electricity, roofing, masonry and more.

From the initial design through complete construction, MCW Carpentry can manage all phases of your residential or commercial project. As NJ contractors, we will ensure your satisfaction with the job anywhere in northern NJ.

MCW Carpentry Is Special

What sets us apart in the industry is our commitment to quality craftsmanship and the use of quality materials. Our broad base of knowledge and experience in the field of NJ historic preservation and restoration and home improvements keeps us at the forefront of our profession. Our quotes are based on the use of top quality materials and craftsmanship. We don't low ball the estimate just to get a job and then add expensive change orders after the job begins.

MCW Carpentry is a fully established “Design and Build” company that achieves its goals of innovation and quality carpentry through its expertise, wide range of services, and over 17 years of experience in the field. Carpentry is a very creative and conceptual practice that comes through the interaction and communication with our clients. We explore what our clients want and present them with different options. All our work is guaranteed and warranted. At MCW Carpentry, customer satisfaction and quality work are our highest priorities.